Body Psychotherapy

How Might I Benefit?

Emotions, intellect, body, spirit and relationships are all present in this way of working. The relationship of therapist and client is vital. I see it as a journey of supported courage. Together we decide how best to meet your needs. Talking and listening can be the major channel for the work. Emotions may begin to be expressed instead of being held in. Touch and holding can be used.

The aim is to explore new territory in all areas of mind, body and spirit. You will benefit from Body Psychotherapy if you wish to become more yourself and live with more vitality. It is especially helpful if you feel stuck in yourself, are perhaps out of touch with your feelings, are confused, or are facing a time of change. It benefits people for whom the conventional talking therapies do not reach deep enough. To enjoy body psychotherapy you will have the willingness and courage to explore new avenues.