Partner Counselling

What brings couples together can also get between them.

In the intimacy of our closest relationships we may encounter pain, disappointment, frustration, fear, anger, confusion, feelings of being stuck, being helpless and alone. Relationships are often profoundly affected by echoes from the past, but often we do not see this. The non-conscious way we protect ourselves becomes a barrier. Here and now communications can become very hard so the future looks impossible. Added to this, the stresses of careers or of caring can put the relationship under great strain. Through therapy the couple can hope to arrive at a rediscovery of their resources, a new understanding of their relationship, the courage to move from inflexibility to a new life.

The methods of Internal Family Systems therapy, the creation of Dick Schwartz, help couples discover why and how they trigger negative reactions in each other.

The aim is that you should discover your truth and a way forward that is right for you, ideally a choice each of you can both respect and support.