About me


B.A., M.Ed., Dip.Social Admin., Dip.Therapeutic Massage,
Cert. Energetic Integration, Cert. Supervision,
Accredited Body Psychotherapist (EABP),
Certified Hakomi Practitioner,
Certified Hakomi Teacher

My Work Now

In independent practice as a therapist I work using a range of talking and non-verbal therapeutic styles. I work with those suffering from loss of energy, loss of direction, loss of feeling, with survivors of damaging childhood experience, and with those experiencing relationship difficulties or professional stress. I particularly work with people at turning points in their lives, the spiritual aspects of the Hakomi Method being ideally suited to this work. I work both with individuals and with couples. Increasingly (see below) I am finding that incorporating poetry into my work as a form of healing medicine has  led to profound benefits.  More than ever I see the work we do together as Soul Work

For twenty-three years I was a therapist with the Cavendish Centre for Cancer Care in Sheffield.  From this work I have now retired.

My Work With Kim Rosen

Since 2006 I have been working with Kim Rosen Poet, Therapist and Spiritual Guide, initially as her student on her residential retreats and workshops in Ireland, latterly assisting her in her work in California and Canada, as well as the UK.  I am honoured to be one of the guides who support people in her Soul Schools.