Body Psychotherapy

What is it?

Any significant life experience affects us at all levels of our being – in our thoughts and memories, our feelings, our relationships, and in the responses of our bodies. When we speak of “body” and “mind” as if they are separate, we misunderstand the way we are made. Some experiences, especially in childhood, result in physical and emotional patterns of holding. We are all resourceful survivors and once upon a time we needed this armour to protect ourselves. We organised ourselves to avoid getting hurt. Then we got stuck! Body Psychotherapy works to release us from our fixed state mainly by increasing awareness, by focusing on the way our memories and emotions are lodged within the bodymind system. In this journey the relationship between client and therapist as they work together takes on a key role.Strengths and places for growth are identified. This deepening awareness brings release, movement, growth and understanding.

My own original training, Energetic Integration, developed by Jack Painter, is rooted historically in the understanding of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen of how life experiences affect our body physiology and musculature as well as touching us emotionally in our relationships and in our work. The Hakomi Method, developed by Ron Kurtz, uses mindfulness to deepen awareness.