My aim in supervision

My intention as a supervisor is to honour your work, celebrating it at times, challenging it at times, responding to your confidence, your doubts, your frustrations, your hopes and your successes. I am interested in what you are doing and how you are doing it, your goals (and those of your clients), your interventions and the thoughts or instincts that prompt you. Indirectly I support your clients as you work on their behalf. As you tell me of your range of work I shall have an eye to your need for protection, lest your conscientiousness and self-criticism lead you to make impossible demands on yourself. Your clients have the right to be helped by someone who is looking after their own needs as well.

Relationship lies at the heart of our work. I value diversity of approach, experimentation and creativity. I enjoy giving support to those who are working at the edge of their profession. In the same way I enjoy those who are exploring the edges of their competence, pushing back their boundaries by being willing to work differently and take risks. It is important to me that while we are mindful of boundaries and ethical responsibilities, we work with hearts that are open.

Here and Now

As one trained and practised in body psychotherapy I am especially interested in the embodiment of energy. This focus as much informs my work as a supervisor as it does my ways of working as a therapist. The here-and-now is very much part of the supervision process as I experience it.